These beautiful little boxes of happiness have been lovingly created to bring some joy and sunshine to lockdown life!

Each box contains:

1 x Happily Made Monkey handmade by marginalised women in Cambodia. (Please note, these monkeys have a small magnet in the hands, so they can hang around and spread joy… so not suitable for under 3 years of age). The colours vary, so it will be a surprise for you when it arrives!

1 x Pouch of 5 Worry Dolls to take your worries away.

2 x Affirmation and Breathing postcards created by Kim Oakhill to support mindfulness and self love to negate fight or flight and instil a sense of peace and calm.

Includes free delivery in the Port Stephens area(or additional $10 for postage if outside the area.)

Lockdown Happiness Boxes