Ancient mayan folklore says that if you are going through a stressful time of anxiety and fear, you can whisper your troubles to your Worry Dolls.


You then place your Worry Dolls underneath your pillow at night.


The Worry Dolls are said to take your worries away while you sleep and rejuvinate your mind, body and soul.


These Worry Dolls are handmade by artisans in co-operatives from various villages in Guatemala to raise funds for their villages. The money earned provides much needed funds for their communities.


All artisans and workers involved are fairly compensated for their work.


Each set of Worry Dolls are completely unique, as they are handmade with different materials and colours, and of course, love.


$15 includes one set of 6 tiny Worry Dolls in a punch, a printed note and regular postage Australia wide.

Worry Dolls